Tips for Getting your Garage Organized for the Summer

Custom Garage CabinetsThe weather in Chicago is finally starting to get warm. It was a rough winter, but now it's time for barbecues and outdoor projects. Over the winter, your garage may have gotten crowded and unorganized. Getting it organized will make working in your garage more enjoyable, give you more space for picnics and will allow you to know where everything is. Here's some tips for organizing your garage:


Start by cleaning out your garage. You might find many things you no longer need. Decide what you're going to keep in the garage and what you're going to store elsewhere or get rid of.

Grill Storage

If your garage is attached to your house, don't store your propane grill in your garage. Sparks can ignite the propane and start a fire. It's best to keep your propane grill outside or in a shed.

Make a Plan

Here's where Crooked Oak comes in. Crooked Oak's designers are experts in helping clients come up with the best storage solutions for their garage. We'll help you determine just what type of cabinets or storage system will work best for your garage.

Storage Installation

Once we've designed a plan for your new garage storage solution, our millworkers will build it. We'll then install it in your home. All you'll need to do is add your items.


Enjoy finding what you need in your garage quickly and easily, having room to work, and being able to use your garage for parties. Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free garage storage consultation.
Posted May 21, 2015