Spring is Mudroom Season in Chicago!

Mud RoomSoccer cleats, bicycle helmets, umbrellas, oh my! (And, don’t forget the backpacks, coats and shoes in a haphazard pile.) If this scenario sounds familiar, then you know that today’s households require a hardworking organization system to keep doorways welcoming. Enter a design trend that’s here to stay — the mudroom. Whether your entry consists of a corner, a hallway, or a room to buffer the inside from out, a mudroom or custom-designed storage area can wrangle even the most active family’s belongings. Often all it takes is a designer’s eye to maximize the potential of your space and clean up the clutter. At Crooked Oak we can provide your family with a complimentary design assessment aimed at updating your entry with custom cabinetry that increases storage, usability and organization.

Benefits Of Adding or Enhancing A Mudroom

1. Everything In Its Place Providing a space for everything means no more tripping over piles of gear. Dedicated hooks and cubbies minimize time spent looking for necessities — niches for keys, wallets and purses enable you to grab and go. 2. More Power To You Now that we all have multiple technological devices keeping us connected, it’s time we found a central place to “power up”. A mudroom is an excellent place for a charging station for phones, tablets and other devices. An added bonus — mudroom charging areas encourage family members to “unplug” from technology when they walk in the door. 3. Corral the Kid-Clutter Sometimes all the kids need is a space of their own. A locker or cubby system is a great way to instill organizational habits for all. From snow pants to swimsuits, hockey sticks to homework, we can create a stylish system that will clean up everyone’s act. 4. The Sky’s The Limit Well, actually the ceiling is! When designing a mudroom, the entire wall, top to bottom, is usable space. Crooked Oak specializes in creating storage where you least expect it. Where better to tuck away your off-season items than up, up and away? 5. It’s Okay To Get Benched A feature sure to please you and your guests is a custom-made bench. A comfortable space to relax and untie shoes, a bench can be an attractive focal point that seamlessly complements your existing decor and trim. 6. Let Us Hook You Up Hangers and formal closets are great for guests and parties, but for every other day of the year, it’s hooks over hangers. Coat hooks are time-savers that encourage everyone to hang up and clean up. Crooked Oak will work with you to ensure every backpack and jacket has a hook to hang on, keeping your floor and bench clutter-free. Mud is on the ground and spring is in the air. There is no better time to invite Crooked Oak’s experienced designers to customize your new mudroom. Call 708-344-6955 to schedule your free estimate and to take advantage of our 10 year anniversary promotion. Let us transform your entry from ordinary to extraordinary — today!
Posted February 20, 2015