Melamine or Wood for your Custom Closet interior?

Custom ClosetHave you always thought real, hard wood was the best material for your closets and mudroom cabinetry? Real hard wood may look terrific in beginning, but the wear and tear in highly utilized spaces can show quickly.

What is Melamine?

Melamine is a term that refers to a manufactured type of plywood. Sheets of paper are mechanically injected with a type of resin that can bond to the surface of particleboard without the use of an adhesive. The material is used to make everything from kitchen cabinets to residential and commercial furniture and shelving. For high traffic areas,  it offers some distinct advantages.

What are the benefits of Melamine?

  • The hardened resin in the melamine sheets creates an impenetrable outer layer that resists chipping, scratches and dents. Melamine cabinets can stand up to heavy usage, and the surface wipes clean.
  • If you have children, mudrooms and closets can take a beating.  Hangers, baskets, boots, and drawers being used every morning and night can easily scratch beautiful hardwood.  This material is more duarble.
  • Melamine cabinets can also stand up to heat and will not fade or crack over time, so they continue to look good year after year.
  • There are many options that truly resemble the look of high quality wood products. There are some terrific wood grain options, so the overall appearance will not be compromised.
  • Melamine is typically applied to particle board. This product , as opposed to solid wood, is made from recycled material and tree products that would otherwise be wasted. It has a very low impact on our forests.
Posted February 4, 2015