Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized

Between busy work schedules, messy kids and Chicago's ever-changing weather, it can be difficult to keep your home organized. Piles of clothes, books, and other items can quickly accumulate in rooms and hallways, forcing you to spend time during the evenings and weekends putting things away. Effective closets, built-ins and other storage units help to keep your home organized on a regular basis. They provide you with storage compartments that are useful for you and your lifestyle. Below are elements of custom storage solutions that allow our clients to maintain an organized home.

Entertainment Centers

The living room can become cluttered easier than just about any room in your house. From electronics to books to CDs and records, if you don't have enough room for everything, your space can quickly become unorganized. That's where a custom entertainment center comes in to play. Crooked Oak can design and build an entertainment center that fits your lifestyle. Love listening to vinyl records? We can built shelving to house your collection, with plenty of room for it to grow. We'll build your entertainment center to effectively conceal electronic components and cables, while also providing you with space for books and other items.
Custom Shoe Storage


Shoes can quickly turn a bedroom into a cluttered mess. While some might argue that you can never have too many pairs of shoes, having a place to store them is important. If you have an impressive shoe collection, Crooked Oak can design a shoe storage section in your custom closet. We'll assess your shoe collection, talk with you about how much extra space you'll need for future shoe purchases, then build a beautiful shoe storage solution.
mud room

Mud Room

Mud rooms have their name for a reason. They're meant to be the place for your wet coats and dirty shoes. But they can also provide storage for picnic items, board games and other items that may be cluttering up your home. If you need extra space for kitchen items, custom mud room storage can be quite helpful. Having your washer and dryer in your mud room can be a real life saver too. Crooked Oak can help you maximize the space in your mud room so it fits your washer and dryer in an efficient manner, while still providing you with room for other items.
kids storage

Kids Rooms

Keeping a kid's room clean and organized can seem like an impossible mission. One way to make it easier is to ensure that there is plenty of storage in the room. Sometimes a basic closet isn't enough, especially as kids get older. Having a large built-in in your kid's room gives them a place to store all their toys, games and books. It will make it easier for them to keep their room uncluttered and it will take you less time to find items in their room.
Custom Built Cabinets

Hallways & Kitchen

If you find that your dining room table is often covered in piles of magazines and books, or that your "junk drawer" in your kitchen is now two or three draws, adding a built-in can be a lifesaver. Crooked Oak can create a built-in that matches the look and feel of your home. Keeping items that typically pile up around the house stored in closets helps to keep your home clean and relaxing. Plus, the new custom storage unit will be a new dimension of style to your home.
Posted June 9, 2016