Make the most of your spare bedroom with these custom storage ideas

Spare bedrooms can have many uses. For some, their spare bedroom is also a home office or space to work on crafts and hobbies. Others use it to display memorabilia or family treasures. Even if you reserve your spare bedroom for accommodating guests, custom storage can help add space and beauty to the room. Below are some ideas for spare bedroom custom storage.

Wall Bed/Murphy Bed

Custom Wall BedWall beds, also known as Murphy beds, are an excellent option for anyone looking to increase the usable floor space in a room. With a wall bed, you can pull down or fold up the bed as needed. If you are accommodating guests in your spare bedroom, you can keep the wall bed hidden so you have room for other activities. Crooked Oak has designed and built many different types of wall beds. Whether you're looking for a contemporary design or a more traditional look, we can provide just what you need. Click here to learn more about our custom wall beds.

Custom Built-Ins

Custom Built-In ClosetThe options are endless when it comes to custom built-ins. The photo to the right is of a built-in closet we designed for a client who wanted room to store clothes and other items, but also wanted to be able to iron their clothes. We included the ironing board in the closet to save space. Having a built-in in your spare bedroom is great for storing crafting materials, off-season clothes and other items you may not need on a daily basis.

Display Cases

No matter what you collect, you probably want to show it off. With a custom display case you can show off your prized collection in a beautiful manner. Below are a couple of examples of custom display cases Crooked Oak has designed and crafted for our clients. Custom Display Case 2Display Case
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Posted June 17, 2015