Simple Ideas for Designing an Entry Closet

Reach In Closet Reach-in closets are common in many houses, but can often be difficult to keep organized. However, a little creativity can transform any entry or reach-in closet into a functional yet stylish part of your home. Keep in mind these simple ideas when considering redesigning your closet:

Divide and Conquer

It’s actually easier to maximize space than you think because most people organize their closets into with shoes on the floor, coats hanging in the middle and hats or other storage on a simple top shelf. However, if you split the closet vertically and horizontally – yes, literally divide to conquer -- you can often double the storage space. One side of the closet can be used for long coats and guests’ coats, while the second side can be divided horizontally with short adults’ coats on the top and kids’ coats on the bottom, providing easier access for them. Designed to your specifications, this concept still allows space for shoes and storage.

Think Outside The Box

Since you are now in the mindset of viewing your closet space in a non-traditional way, you can go even further. Consider what you store in your closet and how you can maximize the functionality of this often used space. For example, you may want to consider having storage drawers in the center of the closet and space for coats on either side if you have a lot of coats. There are many, many ways to create the perfect closet to meet your needs!

Got Kids?

Got kids? Their closets are usually the most challenging to keep organized…but if you have their needs in mind, a more functional, clean closet is just steps away! A closet for kids should be customized for their height so they can reach and put away clothes, sports equipment, shoes, etc. Baskets are a great way to organize your child’s closet…they are easy to open and close…and items are in clear view. You can also delegate storage space – out of their reach – for seasonal items or clothing. If you keep these thoughts in mind when considering re-organizing a closet, more than likely you will end up with a space you love that is both functional and neat!
Posted February 4, 2015