Man Caves that Rock

Display CaseLadies, is your husbands’ sports memorabilia collection overtaking your family room? You might need a "man cave". Guys, do you crave Sundays of uninterrupted football on the big screen? You might need a man cave. Does your family have an empty or dated space above your garage or in your basement? Call Crooked Oak, because — and this is just a suggestion — it could be a man cave! While a typical man cave resides in the basement, a vaulted space above a garage, a shed workshop or even a garage itself are all viable spaces. Placement depends largely upon your house, your family’s space needs, and if you’re married, the ever important spousal approval. Once you’ve crossed that hurdle, it’s time to relax and have fun. “Tricked out” manly spaces are not just home improvement fantasies of the rich and famous. We’ve all seen the television programs… Your man’s a little bit country? Surprise him with a Western saloon. Former hair band fanatic? Turn that extra bedroom into a music studio. Rooms for the men of the house come in all shapes and sizes, and one gentleman’s dream space varies greatly from his neighbors’. The common denominator is thoughtful design and custom cabinetry — and we’ve got that covered. Crooked Oak’s custom promise means we will work with you to ensure that your design is a true reflection of your personal style. For some clients, this brand of household retreat has been fully sketched in their minds for years; for others a meeting with our designers gets creative juices flowing. A surround sound theatre for movie screenings; a bar replete with darts and a card table for guys’ night; or a larger than life sports den for a Chicago-style memorabilia collection are just the tip of the iceberg. We will help you discover your dream space, while carefully quantifying your storage and display needs, and making cabinet and color suggestions along the way. Plus, all the little details that make a space spectacular are always on the minds of our skilled designers and installers. From professional television mounting to a lighting plan that incorporates recessed cans on dimmers and spots to set any mood, we’ve got you covered. Want your cave to live up to it’s name with stone walls and accents? No problem. Need museum-quality glass showcases to house signed guitars? Rock on. Customization like this is what we do. What can we say — we love this stuff. If a man cave is on your “honey-let’s-do-this” list, now is a great time to get started. Let’s build something beautiful and fun.
Posted December 12, 2014