Make Your Mudroom Unique

The mudroom often gets a bad reputation as a bland, utilitarian space to take off your shoes and shake the snow off your coat. But it’s also the first room in the house you see coming home during the winter months, and the last one you glance at before you fly out the door in the morning. So why not design your mudroom so that is as chic and elegant as it is utilitarian? Organization and functionality shouldn’t come at the price of style, especially when a few personal touches can take your room from boring to beautiful. Crooked Oak of Chicago specializes in mudroom ideas. This built-in cabinet was designed by the professionals at Crooked Oak in Chicago. Colorful Shelves

Make it YOURS

The first step in designing a mudroom—or any room, for that matter—is picking an aesthetic that reflects you and the vibe of your home. Because it’s a serviceable space already, personal touches are absolutely essential to make it feel cozy and welcoming. If your house is a blend of rustic, Provencal accents, try a warm, light yellow shade for the walls and painted white cabinets with a rough, antiqued finish. Wrought iron hooks and wicker baskets will add to the allure. If streamlined and modern is your aesthetic of choice, use with unobtrusive, sleek shelving and mesh baskets for storage. Blue-grey and white are perfect base tones for a modern mudroom, but black and white is an equally striking color combination.

Jazz it up with Color

Adding fun, playful accents will jazz up the more functional elements of your mudroom and give it a homier feel. Storage may be the main focus for a mudroom, but keeping the room organized doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with the design. If you love a bold print, try decorating the drawers of your cabinets with a simple floral print or color-blocked stripes. Alternatively, choose a neutral base shade of cream, white or blue for the walls and cubbies, and add bright accent colors to make certain design features pop. Don’t be intimidated by adding splashes of gold, orange, or red to draw the eye to your favorite elements of the room. Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s color of the year, so throwing a deep purple or pink shade into the mix is a trendy way to incorporate color into your mudroom.
Posted November 7, 2014