The Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

When you work with Crooked Oak to design and build custom kitchen cabinets, you will have the ability to choose from an extensive selection of cabinet knobs and pulls. Understanding the different types of hardware will allow you to choose the type that fits your kitchen's aesthetic the best.

Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet KnobKnobs are probably the most common type of kitchen cabinet hardware. They come in many different shapes and can be made from brass, stainless steel, glass, stone and other materials. Knobs are attached to the cabinet with a single screw. They are often pretty small, about 1 1/4 inch in diameter, but can be larger. Knobs work great for upper cabinets, but can be used anywhere in your kitchen.

Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet pulls are similar to knobs in their function. They can be referred to as pulls or handles. They are larger and are often attached to the cabinet with at least two screws. Below are some of the most common types of pulls. Cup/Bin/Half Moon Pull Cup PullThis type of pull is often called a cup pull, bin pull or half moon pull. It's cup-like shape makes it easy to open draws, so they're often used on kitchen pull draws. Cup pulls can come in many shapes and sizes, including rectangular shaped. Flat Bar Pulls Flat Bar PullIf you're looking for a simple, sleek design for your kitchen, flat bar pulls may work well for you. Flat bar pulls come in many shapes and sizes. They can be made from stainless steel, brass, wood, bronze and other materials. Bail/Drop Pulls Bail PullIf you are looking for a more decorative option for your kitchen cabinets bail pulls may be a good fit. Sometimes called drop pulls, bail pulls have a hanging handle that is used to open the drawer. It is a more traditional style that can add a great decorative element to your kitchen. Bail pulls come in many different shapes and styles. We have highlighted some of the main types of kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. There are thousands of styles to choose from. Finding the right hardware for your kitchen can be difficult. When you work with Crooked Oak, our experienced cabinet designers will help you choose the hardware that suits your style and budget. Schedule a free kitchen cabinet consultation »
Posted September 2, 2015