Keep Your Home Office Organized with These Accessories

Like any work space, a home office can easily become cluttered. Your desk space can quickly diminish as papers, gadgets and other items make their home on it. A cluttered office can make it hard to focus and be productive. Fortunately, Crooked Oak’s custom home office design team can offer many different accessories to help with organization. Below are some add-ons you can incorporate into your custom home office to help the space stay organized and looking great.

Ellipta Computer Monitor Arm

Home Office Monitor ArmThese computer monitor arms keep your monitor off your desk, saving valuable space. Their also great for ergonomics, as you can adjust the height of the monitor and its distance from you easily and without tools. The monitor arms include four usb ports, so you can connect other devices to them. Multiple arms can be used with one desk for those who work with dual monitors.

Omni Track Storage Track

Home Office OmniTrayThe Omni Track can be installed on any wall in your office. With the track installed, you can add trays and hangers to keep paper, pens and other office items off your desk.

Laptop Security Drawer

Laptop Security TrayWhether you have kids and want to make sure they don’t spill juice on your work computer, or you just need to keep your sensitive work information private, the laptop security drawer is a great option for your custom-made home desk. Simply pull out the drawer, open your laptop and start working. When you’re finished, it can slide back into the desk and be locked. The drawer has a cable organizer to power and data cables neatly in place when you remove the computer from the drawer.

Radius Organizer

Rollout OrganizerKeep pens and other supplies off your desktop with this simple organizer. It is mounted under your desk. Simply slide it out to get to items you need.

Docking Station 500

Home Office Docking StationPower and connector cables can really cause a mess. You often have to plug items into outlets in less-than-ideal places of your home office as well. This discrete docking station allows you to plug in your phone, iPod, camera and other items in one place. It is mounted to the top of a desk or shelf, giving you one place to plug in your essentials.

Pop-Up Power Station

Pop Up Power StationNeed easy access to power? The pop-up power station works similarly to the docking station above, but is set up more for regular power outlets. Two options are available, one with three outlets and one with two outlets and two usb charging ports.
Your options are limitless when it comes to home office design. Let Crooked Oak help you create the perfect functional work space for your home. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.
Posted October 14, 2015