6 Spring Closet Cleaning Tips

Closet CleaningIt's almost spring cleaning time. Tackling a cluttered closet can be difficult, but with an organized approach you can reclaim your closet and be well organized for the next year. Below are some spring closet cleaning tips that can help make the process a little easier.

Clean out your closet in sections

Before you get started, come up with a game plan. Start with shoes or shirts or accessories, then move on to another area. Cleaning out your closet in sections allows you to gauge where you are at in the process. It also provides some immediate gratification when you've completed each section.

Be prepared to donate/throw away

A cluttered closet is often the result of too many unused items taking up space. Go through the clothes and accessories in your closet. If you haven't worn something in over a year, it might be time to get rid of it.

Stagger your shoes

You can save some room on your shoe shelf by pointing one shoe out and one shoe toward the back of your closet.

Sort and color-code

Once you've cleaned out your closet, sort and color-code your clothes. Doing so will make finding the items you want to wear much easier.

Prepare for next year's spring cleaning

There are a few different tricks that can make next year's spring cleaning easier. Some people like to hang all of their clothes with the hanger pointed out, then when they've worn something they'll hang it back up with the hanger pointed in. When it comes time to clean our your closet again, you'll know that all of the items whose hangers are pointed out haven't been worn since the last cleaning. Other people prefer to small pieces of paper inside each item in their closet. When you wear the item, throw away the piece of paper. When you are looking to get rid of some clothes, you'll know that the items that still have the paper in them haven't been worn in a while.

Decide if it's time for a new closet set up

If you've outgrown your current closet, it may be time for a closet designer's help. Crooked Oak offers free in-home estimates. Contact us to schedule a consultation. One of our designers will help you determine the best closet set up for your space given your storage and organization needs.
Posted March 10, 2016