2016 Closet Trends

Crooked Oak works hard to ensure that your new custom closet fits your style and needs. We also do our best to give you suggestions based on our experience and current trends to help you make the best decisions for your space. We regularly have new accessories, lighting and finish options available, so we want to make sure you're aware of how you can use them to create a beautiful closet. Below are some of the current trends for closets.

Bold Colors

Orange Built-In ClosetWe wrote about using bold colors in your closet and cabinet design a few months back. Colors have become increasingly popular in custom closets. Whether you use a bright color for the doors of your built-in, like in the photo to the right, or use color for accents, it's a great way to bring new life to your space. Crooked Oak has a variety of colors available for both solid wood and melamine finishes. We can always create a custom color just for you as well.

LED Lighting

CustomEntertainmentSystem5LED lighting has allowed us to be really creative with closet lighting. With wireless remotes, motion-sensor and battery-operated LED lighting now available, we can put lighting just about anywhere. LED lights are a fantastic way to add lighting under shelves, inside draws or above your built-in without the need for extra electric chords. The LED bulbs last quite a while as well. Check our our recent blog post about custom lighting to see some photos of lighting in some of Crooked Oak's work.

Exposed Sliding Doors

barndoorhardwareExposed sliding doors have become increasingly popular lately. Aside from their unique aesthetic, they can be a real space saver. They function similarly to pocket doors without the need to build the door into the wall itself. Using sliding door hardware, you can also use vintage doors or a simple slab of wood for the door. The result is a unique part of your custom closet that can be less expensive that a new traditional door or pocket door.

Any Space Will Do

Custom Walk-In ClosetYou don't necessarily need a dedicated room to create a beautiful custom walk-in closet. Attics can work well as large walk-in closets, as you can see in the photo to the right. If your home has some unused space that you're not sure what to do with, contact Crooked Oak. We can give you some suggestions for ways to make the most of the space.
Posted May 16, 2016