Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

2015.02 Cooked Oak Stock images-9734If you choose custom kitchen cabinets for your home, you'll have limitless options when it comes to the color, materials and style. Sometimes having too many options can make the decision-making process more difficult. Your Crooked Oak designer will provide suggestions based on your home's general style and your preferences. Having a basic understanding of the different styles of kitchen cabinet doors can also help you make a more knowledgeable decision. Below are some of the most popular styles for kitchen cabinet doors. These styles are just the beginning. There are many varieties of each style available. If you'd prefer a completely unique look for your kitchen Crooked Oak can provide a custom design as well.
shaker cabinets


Shaker-style cabinet doors are one of the most popular style today. The shaker style features flat panels and clean lines. Their popularity is largely due to their ability to look great with almost any decor. The style works well in many colors and finishes as well.
flat panel cabinets


The slab style provides a clean and simple look. Slab cabinets work well in kitchens with a modern look, though they can be incorporated into more traditional kitchens as well.
raised panel cabinets

Raised Panel

The raised panel cabinet door style is known by the raised center panel, which can be accomplished with a profile or contour. Raised panel cabinets are popular in kitchens that have a more traditional look. The depth and detail of the cabinets can beautifully accent your kitchen's style.

Flat Panel

Unlike raised panel cabinets, the center panel is not raised with the flat panel style. The style can look similar to shaker cabinets, but flat panel cabinets can have arched panels, contour or detailing. Flat panel cabinets can be a great option for those wanting to combine a traditional look with a more contemporary style.
Posted April 14, 2016