Get organized for the New Year!

Custom Built-InOne of the most popular resolutions people make for the new year is to get organized. Organizing your home can be a challenge. If you've neglected drawers or cabinets for a while, it's a time-consuming process going through them. If your new year's resolution is to organize your home, below are some tips to help you keep it.

Go Room by Room

Don't expect to clean out and organize your whole home in one Saturday afternoon. Start with one room, then go from there. Your pantry or home office may be a good place to start, as they can become more unorganized than other parts of your home but aren't as much of an undertaking as a garage or basement.

Make Some Rules

Nostalgia can kick in once you start going through old boxes and drawers. Make some rules ahead of time so you can really get organized and don't simply shuffle things around. For your closet, a good rule might be to donate or throw away clothes you haven't worn in three years.

Have Fun!

Try to enjoy the process of organizing your home. Turn on some music and pour yourself a glass of wine. If you can make home organization enjoyable, you will be much more likely to finish the job.

Hire a Closet Organizer

If you're really serious about organizing your home schedule a consultation with Crooked Oak. Our closet and cabinet designers are experts at helping clients organize their bedrooms, garages, basements, pantries and other areas of their homes. We will offer suggestions for storage solutions and accessories that will allow you to keep your home organized longterm.
Posted January 12, 2016