Keep Your Closet Organized With These Accessories

Closet accessories are a great way to add enhanced functionality and storage capabilities to your custom closet. When utilized effectively, accessories can effectively save space and keep items that typically cause clutter out of site. While you're probably familiar with tie racks and belt racks, there are many different types of closet accessories available. Below are just a few of the more unique options Crooked Oak has incorporated into closets for our clients.

Tilt-Out Hampers

Custom Closet BinThese closet hampers are hinged, so the items in them are kept out of view. They're great for socks or dirty laundry. We can customize the face and handle of the hampers to fit your closet's color and style.


Sliding Closet BinsThese baskets slide in and out for easy access. They come in multiple sizes and can be incorporated into multiple locations in your custom closet. They work well for socks, towels, laundry, belts, hats and even shoes.

Drawer Dividers

Closet Drawer DividersWhile the concept of drawer dividers isn't new, Crooked Oak can design and install dividers to suit your needs. Whether you want to section off your drawer into small sections for ties or larger sections for undergarments, we will make sure your drawers suit your needs.

Iron Away

Custom Ironing BoardThis ironing board is called an "Iron Away". It is integrated into the closet to help save space and give our client a convenient place to iron clothes. The ironing board holder slides back into the closet to conceal it when not in use.

Valet Rods

Closet HangerThese valet rods are simple and really useful. They can be installed anywhere in your custom closet, giving you a convenient place to hang robes, towels, jackets and other items. A sleek take on the conventional clothing hook, they add both style and functionality to your closet.
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Posted July 30, 2015