The Advantages of Choosing Custom Kitchen Cabinets

customkitchencabinetswhite Choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen can be a difficult decision. In most cases, they are the center of attention. While high quality stock cabinets to exist, choosing to have custom cabinets built for your kitchen has many advantages.

Expert Advice

When you decide to use custom cabinets for your kitchen, you will benefit from the advice of Crooked Oak's experienced design team. We will help you decide the best style, wood type and color for your kitchen renovation project. Our designers can also help you determine what cabinet accessories would work best for your new kitchen.

Limitless Design Options

CustomKitchenCabinets1With custom cabinets, the design of your cabinets can truly be unique. Need your cabinets to be a particular color or finish? You can do that with custom cabinets. You can also add windows and other accents. Clients often ask how they can incorporate wine racks into their kitchen cabinets Crooked Oak has designed and built wine racks into kitchen islands, above cabinets and in other areas of kitchens.

The Right Size

Does your kitchen floor plan have unique angles or an unconventional set up? Because custom cabinets can be built to size, you will be able to reduce the amount of fillers needed. The result will be a more aesthetically-pleasing kitchen that provides more cabinet space. We can also adjust the height of the base cabinets to suit your personal preference.

Quality & Sustainability

Crooked Oak uses a variety of high quality woods and veneers to build our custom cabinets. Woods include Cherry, Maple, Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Poplar and various exotic woods. We source materials locally as often as possible and utilize environmentally-friendly and sustainable products and practices. Schedule a free custom cabinet consultation with Crooked Oak today.
Posted August 12, 2015